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aerosol / аэрозоль, баллончик, аэрозольная упаковка
имя существительное
can, container, aerosol
аэрозольная упаковка
имя существительное
a substance enclosed under pressure and able to be released as a fine spray, typically by means of a propellant gas.
Ricin is a toxin derived from the beans of the castor plant, and can easily be produced as an aerosol spray or fine powder.
During the tests, aerosolized spores were captured with an aerosol sampler and suspended in a solution.
Rapidly dissolving tablets and an aerosol spray are available for sublingual use.
The last thing he remembered was gasping with pain when someone sprayed an aerosol mist in his face as he left a crowded elevator.
Spraying rooms with an aerosol material will not eliminate mildew problems.
Stepping from the shadows, Reed extended his hand and sprayed the aerosol in the soldier's face.
At night, I danced with an aerosol of spray paint in my hand.
Now take an aerosol can of hair spray lacquer and wave it a few times over the sheet.
Although many nerve agents are called gases, they're actually liquids that can be released as an aerosol or mixed with other liquids.
Another brand new label and debut release, this one's attractively packaged in an aerosol sprayed card sleeve.
Methods of delivery include drug-filled rubber bullets, aerosol sprays and dosing a people's food or water supplies.