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aeronautics / аэронавтика, воздухоплавание, летное дело
имя существительное
aeronautics, aerostation, aerostatics
летное дело
flying, aeronautics
имя существительное
the science or practice of travel through the air.
The history of aeronautics is full of aircraft developed in secret.
Then the administration essentially abandoned aeronautics in favor of space.
The Wright brothers' interest in aeronautics paralleled the growth of experimentation in the field.
The leading industries are steel, machinery, chemicals, automobiles, metallurgy, aeronautics , electronics, mining, and textiles.
It is thought that the technology can be used for applications in disparate fields such as architecture, art, aeronautics and medicine.
Like Glenn, it is involved primarily in aeronautics and space technology research.
And that's good - proving, finally and most conclusively, that the old Standard made a lasting contribution to aeronautics .
The Society's purpose is to advance the knowledge and practice of aeronautics .
It's the first time Australia has won the award, which recognises outstanding examples of international cooperation in the field of aeronautics .
Sweeping global changes in recent years have presented significant new challenges to the US aeronautics industry.
They were bright young men, at ease in Western society and with an interest in engineering and aeronautics .