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aerate / проветривать, газировать, вентилировать
ventilate, air, aerate, wind, sweeten, course
aerate, gas, aerify
ventilate, air, aerate
introduce air into (a material).
she would aerate the lawn with high heels
And the drainage pipes aerate the soil nicely - especially the soil used to cover the pipes.
This is useful to control weeds and aerate the soil, which helps deter seedling diseases.
aerate the lawn using a garden fork
He concentrated on feeding the bacteria, which aerate the earth and decompose organic matter.
There are a range of options to aerate soil, depending on the size of your garden.
The winter freezing and thawing will naturally aerate the soil.
Cultivate 2 inches deep 7 days after treatment to aerate the soil.
This patient, a young woman, had obtained her nitrous oxide from cartridges of nitrous oxide used to aerate cream.
If you want a more ‘advanced’ tasting, clench your teeth and suck in some air to help aerate the wine.
We've put pumps in to aerate the water and feed back oxygen into the dam for the fish to survive.