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adware / рекламное программное обеспечение
рекламное программное обеспечение
имя существительное
software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material (often unwanted) when a user is online.
Monitoring of your online activities should be available to yourself also, not just adware and spybot programs.
Marketers are deluding themselves if they think that adware is an effective means of reaching their target audience.
Experts estimate that tens of thousands of spyware and adware programs circulate on the Internet.
Unfortunately, when it comes to spyware / adware , there are two separate issues that often get confused.
An average number of 93 spyware / adware programs were found on respondents' machines.
For example, some programs dependent on adware or spyware will simply stop working.
With adware , which collects data on your buying habits, there's a fine line between what's legal and what's not.
Some adware actually comes bundled with commercial software programs.
Spyware generally propagates through internet usage, and through the downloading of adware or freeware.
Given the risks associated with spyware and adware , it is important to have a strategy to keep your network safe.
The same scans picked up 2.3 million adware programs.