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advisory / консультативный, совещательный
имя прилагательное
advisory, consultative, consultive, consultatory
deliberative, advisory, consultative, consultive
имя прилагательное
having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them.
an independent advisory committee
имя существительное
an official announcement, typically a warning about bad weather conditions.
a frost advisory
The advisory body is expected to issue guidance on the cost effectiveness of the treatment by the end of the year.
These cutoffs are advisory only.
It is an advisory body representing various sectional or functional interests.
Last in the chain is the advisory body, the National Security Advisory Board.
We do have an advisory body, but what we need is more active coordination and regulation, " he stated.
Many people expected the agency to follow the recommendation of its advisory committee, which is its usual practice.
In addition, to maintain credibility as a scientific advisory body, the council needs to speak with one voice.
He has chaired the council - an advisory body to the National Assembly - for the past 11 years.
The measures stress that the council will be strictly an advisory body, with no executive powers.
Furthermore, the council was a purely advisory body and had no powers to legislate.