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advisee / advisee
имя существительное
a person who meets with an adviser.
Statements like these indicate that most advisors are meeting the expectations of student advisees .
a) What is the precise relationship between advisor and advisee ?
One research advisee of a colleague had found significance, and the colleague spent part of his summer writing the study for publication.
The chairperson, then, is both a manager and a faculty colleague, an advisor and an advisee .
Graduate faculty have many obligations and often have more than one advisee , so you have to really work your end of the relationship.
‘The dialogue is so important between the adviser and the advisee ,’ says Moore.
Some departments use a centralized advising system; others disperse the advisees among the department's faculty members.
Beginning next year, letters will also be sent to a randomly selected group of a candidate's current and past advisees .
He still couldn't tell her how he felt because she was still one of his undergraduate advisees .
Advisers serve advisees as advocates, guides, and group leaders.
Unfortunately, few professors tell their advisees how to both finish their dissertation and obtain a full-time academic position at the same time.