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advisedly / намеренно, обдуманно
knowingly, advisedly, by design, intend
deliberately, advisedly, politically, politicly
deliberately and after consideration (used especially of what might appear a mistake or oversight).
I've used the term “old” advisedly
I use the question mark in the above headline advisedly .
I've used the term ‘old’ advisedly
I use the word advisedly because the word martyr means witness.
Before proceeding any further, I should state at once that the latter term is used advisedly .
Yet this description has been chosen advisedly .
I make the distinction between ‘real people’ and models advisedly .
What makes these arguments insane - I use the word advisedly - isn't that they don't contain some possible germ of truth.
I've used the term “old” advisedly
As a card-carrying heathen, I use the word advisedly .
They looted anything of value, and I use that term advisedly .