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advice / совет, консультация, мнение
имя существительное
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, tip
consultation, advice
opinion, view, mind, belief, say, advice
имя существительное
guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative.
she visited the island on her doctor's advice
The salon also offers hairdressers advice on how to run their businesses better.
We would like to offer some advice on how to ensure they do not become victims.
Even when he was offering me advice on my personal life, he had me in stitches.
Fruit nurseries are always happy to offer advice on how to grow specific plants, so do ask when you buy.
Everyone arrested is offered drug treatment and advice on benefits and housing.
Every week, it seems, women are offered ever more expert advice on how to manipulate their men.
he should take advice from his accountant
it's a piece of advice offered to parents
The guidance gives no advice on how the question of incapacity is to be determined.
advice slip