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advertorial / информационной рекламы
имя существительное
a newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.
Today's newspapers are crammed with advertising and advertorials , and journalists are seen as corrupt by many readers.
He's right, of course, and the advertorial theatre event only rubbed it in.
Note that this is an article and not an advertorial for which the travel club paid.
Then they assign the writers that are best suited to giving the studio the advertorial they need.
A growing number of people will do it - but the value has to be there, be it editorial or advertorial .
But rest assured that even if it's an advertorial , I will remain blatantly honest.
Is it committed to a clear separation between editorial and advertorial content?
In many instances, they are willing to offer advertorial and editorial support to extend advertising messages.
A college ‘survival guide,’ an advertorial offering late-night study tips and other helpful info, tags alone in the October issue.
Admittedly the article reads like an advertorial for the company involved, and it could just be cheap filler.
With his chart-filled television advertorials , Perot galvanized the nation with his crusade for fiscal responsibility.