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adverse / неблагоприятный, враждебный, вредный
имя прилагательное
adverse, unfavorable, disadvantageous, inauspicious, untoward, unfriendly
hostile, enemy, inimical, antagonistic, adverse, opposed
harmful, adverse, detrimental, pernicious, bad, deleterious
имя прилагательное
preventing success or development; harmful; unfavorable.
taxes are having an adverse effect on production
Fortunately, most schools forced to close due to the adverse weather were due to reopen today.
Sources say that clients are leaving in droves because of the continuing adverse publicity.
Bacteria present in organic matter can have adverse effects on human and animal health.
Of course, there is also the adverse publicity that could dog them for years to come.
A hike in interest rates could have an adverse effect on house prices and in terms of consumer wealth.
The most common adverse effects reported related to skin irritation and skin burning.
He believed it would have adverse effect on business and trade in the community.
It was bound to attract adverse publicity and bring the profession into disrepute.
The adverse publicity has caused tourists to stay away in droves from the countryside and towns.
The development will not have any adverse effect upon bats or other wildlife living in the area.