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adversary / противник, враг, соперник
имя существительное
enemy, opponent, adversary, foe, rival, antagonist
enemy, foe, adversary, opponent, hostile, philistine
rival, contender, competitor, contestant, adversary, antagonist
имя существительное
one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.
Davis beat his old adversary in the quarterfinals
It is the classic adversary system which overlaps with a two-party system, and the arguments and votes are often predictable.
You are not judges now, but advocates under this adversary system we have been discussing.
There is too much at stake in this relationship for either side to really push an adversary agenda with the other.
If it ever rises to the 80% range, the current adversary relationship would have to change.
He was a vigorous adversary to opponents, but he was also a very fair and honest man.
I'm playing an old adversary on Monday, and we're both making excuses already.
It's got an adversary system that obscures the truth; trials are run by lawyers and they don't have much interest in truth and justice.
Nat, I know, was humbled when he was told the lengths to which his old adversary had gone to honour his name.
Once there, he expects to be coming up against an old adversary .
Fans were delighted to hear their old adversary , Argentina, had crashed out of the tournament by failing to beat Sweden.