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adversarial / противостоящий
имя прилагательное
withstanding, adversarial
имя прилагательное
involving or characterized by conflict or opposition.
industry and government had an adversarial relationship
We have an adversarial system where evidence needs to be tested under cross-examination, so if we're going to put somebody behind bars, you need to establish charges beyond reasonable doubt.
This is not good for the health of our democracy, since it often casts civil society in an adversarial relationship to the State.
However, calling attention to the basic differences between the two fields does not mean they are opposites, nor necessarily adversarial in relationship.
The inquiry we are conducting is inquisitorial, and it is not, by character or nature, adversarial .
In the adversarial system at the beginning of trial proceedings the court asks the defendant whether he pleads guilty or not guilty.
Williams insisted there had been no adversarial relationship between the ministry and the nurses.
She has obviously had an adversarial relationship with the media for a long time.
‘This issue needs to be looked at given the adversarial nature of compensation claims,’ Dr Reilly said.
The thing about questions like this is that they presuppose an adversarial relationship with clients, and that's so not the case with me.
It has never had an adversarial relationship with the government.