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adventurous / авантюрный, предприимчивый, безрассудно смелый
имя прилагательное
adventurous, picaresque, risky, hazardous
enterprising, adventurous, pushing, up-and-coming, go-ahead
безрассудно смелый
adventurous, temerarious
имя прилагательное
willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
let's be adventurous
There are many treasures from ages past just waiting for a brave and adventurous soul such as you to come and claim them.
Four years in the making, his new album was a much more adventurous and imaginative record.
At the end of the line, all they may have is a head full of adventurous mishaps to tell their grandchildren about.
You now feel a little more adventurous and are willing to take on a little more risk.
Our outings attract like-minded, adventurous travelers with cooperative spirits.
We are reminded that boys are conditioned from an early age to be adventurous and take risks, while girls are taught to be cautious and not stray too far.
If anything, his work is getting less interesting and adventurous , reworking old ideas for a speculative market.
Its zig-zag course and the steep cliffs on either side make a two-hour raft trip down the river an adventurous experience.
Despite an adventurous menu and attractive decor, the place was never busy on a clear, bright summer's Friday night.
But its recovery is near completion and the enlightened and adventurous regeneration is attracting record numbers of visitors.