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adventurism / авантюризм
имя существительное
имя существительное
the willingness to take risks in business or politics (especially in the context of foreign policy); actions, tactics, or attitudes regarded as daring or reckless.
Only in this manner can we hope to reduce the risks of adventurism and miscalculation in a world that retains many thousands of nuclear weapons.
Presidential adventurism will be at a minimum.
We must concentrate on creating conditions to restrain militarism and military adventurism in the world.
Without doubt, his political adventurism had engaged the media.
They were successfully kept under the thumb, insofar as any lingering attraction to foreign adventurism was concerned.
His adventurism threatens to de-stabilize the entire region.
His departure has been welcomed by those investors both big and small who hope it'll bring an end to the company's corporate adventurism .
These awkward facts, combined with a formidable military capability, go a long way towards explaining the current colonialist adventurism .
The country is drifting dangerously towards aggressive military adventurism and the establishment of a repressive national-security state.
This sort of reckless intellectual adventurism is not surprising, coming as it does from someone who affected surprise that rising petrol prices have an effect on the economy.
All of this adds to the danger of an uncontrolled slide into political adventurism , military provocation and war between the two nuclear-armed powers.