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adventuress / авантюристка, искательница приключений
имя существительное
искательница приключений
имя существительное
a woman who enjoys or seeks adventure.
Fabre went on to attack women's clubs, claiming, to much applause, that they were composed of ‘ adventuresses , wandering female knights, emancipated girls, and amazons'.
The rumour-mongers have portrayed me as a hard-bitten political adventuress devoid of all human feeling.
No question, she is indomitable, a chronic adventurer - adventuress , if you wish.
a sexual adventuress scheming to make a profitable marriage
A young thing like you, hanging out with a pack of men off the leash (many of them widowers, I'll be bound) - no wonder they think you're some kind of adventuress .
It's instructive to see her as the aristocratic adventuress in the 18 th-century potboiler The Affair of the Necklace.
In 1871 an English adventuress named Lucy Walker became the first woman to summit the mountain.
She was an adventuress , an impostor, a bigamist and a thief, and, as she used to pose as a noble lady from Germany, she was commonly called the ‘German Princess.’
This is a quandary that never traps veteran adventuress Dervla Murphy, in a new edition of her epic 1983 trek through the Peruvian Andes with her small daughter and a mule.
But, ‘Some five years ago, during a lengthy visit to Warsaw, I made the acquaintance of the well-known adventuress Irene Adler’.
Vogue editor, tastemaker, adventuress , she exploded with the style and joie de vivre that every gay man aspires to - or should.