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adventure / приключение, авантюра, риск
имя существительное
adventure, experience
adventure, gamble, venture, escapade, shady enterprise, long shot
risk, hazard, chance, peril, adventure, jeopardy
имя прилагательное
adventure, cloak-and-dagger, cloak-and-sword
risk, take risks, venture, gamble, jeopardize, adventure
dare, risk, adventure, hazard
рискнуть сказать
имя существительное
an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
her recent adventures in Italy
engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.
they had adventured into the forest
The only downside to my commercial adventure is the mischief being done to the American dollar.
It is a new experience, a new adventure , and we have lots of family and friends who will come out to see us.
I go out looking for adventure and risk, so I can feel alive.
I sold my East India adventure of £250 principal for £750
Men crave adventure , risk, danger and heroic sacrifice.
For some children starting kindergarten is an exciting adventure , for others the experience borders on the terrifying.
The past year was full of adventure and excitement.
But suppressing their sense of adventure and insulating them from risk is not good for their long-term development.
As for those choosing to trek, this activity will mean thrill, excitement and adventure .
I am armed with a sense of adventure , and excited for what awaits.