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adventitious / случайный, побочный, добавочный
имя прилагательное
random, casual, accidental, chance, occasional, adventitious
side, incidental, collateral, secondary, indirect, adventitious
additional, extra, surplus, supplementary, plus, adventitious
имя прилагательное
happening or carried on according to chance rather than design or inherent nature.
my adventures were always adventitious, always thrust on me
Gouges in the sides may be adventitious consequences of the casting process, but in this context they read as scars.
If adventitious rooting could be introduced into a crop like cotton, it could lead to new production efficiencies.
Light was excluded during this stage to prevent adventitious photodamage.
It was an adventitious consequence of the fixing of the date of the hearing.
They are adventitious benefits, which for policy reasons are not to be regarded as diminishing the plaintiff's loss.
Plants were washed carefully out of soil and the individual adventitious roots originating from the stem base were removed for testing.
That result was not an adventitious distortion of the tradition.
Flight-feather molt categories were symmetric, adventitious , and juvenal.
It does not feel, subjectively, like some interfering, adventitious stuff has been removed.
But that specification will be partly adventitious .