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advantaged / способствовать, давать преимущество, благоприятствовать
contribute, promote, help, facilitate, support, further
давать преимущество
favor, foster, advantage, prosper, serve, smile on
имя прилагательное
having a comparatively favorable position, typically in terms of economic or social circumstances.
children from less advantaged homes
put in a favorable or more favorable position.
Are we simply caught in a spiral here that will be destructive of our interests while, obviously, significantly advantaging theirs?
In this population, socially advantaged men perceived themselves to be most stressed, leading to a confounded association between higher stress and better health.
The authors' concern that the vulnerability of the poor may jeopardize the well-being of more advantaged members of the same population, is significant.
The recognition that the life he rejected is the advantaged life is surprising.
Conversely, the attainment of all pupils in a school is depressed if a school has few pupils from advantaged backgrounds.
Our aim was not to expose you to only the advantaged areas; we also wanted to expose the disadvantaged areas to you.
The union faced the task of ensuring that the balance of resources between previously advantaged and disadvantaged areas as well as in skills development was maintained.
So I think that spurred me even more into helping those less advantaged than me.
Based on such limited information, more affluent parents could be encouraged to place their children in schools located in advantaged areas that seem to be producing good results.
Smoking cessation may be more successful in advantaged groups.
Figures from National Health Service Scotland show that new mothers from more advantaged backgrounds are on average 12 years older than those from poorer areas.