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advancement / продвижение, прогресс, успех
имя существительное
promotion, strides, advance, progress, advancement, progression
progress, progression, advancement, advance, headway, go-ahead
success, luck, hit, achievement, advance, advancement
propagation, spread, distribution, dissemination, proliferation, advancement
имя существительное
the process of promoting a cause or plan.
their lives were devoted to the advancement of science
By making yourself visible you automatically increase your career advancement opportunities.
In Wales it remained common even in the thirteenth century, and as late as the mid-twelfth was apparently no bar to advancement through the ranks of the higher clergy.
To assume that relevant data exist is to beg all the questions relating to the entrepreneurial process of discovering new avenues of advancement .
The motion also seeks to locally effect all international statutes that promote women's advancement and protection.
The future advancement of socialism needs input from young activists.
their lives were devoted to the advancement of science
Mr Pande said governments should formulate laws and plans for the advancement of local entrepreneurs to take up the running of the tourism sector.
their lives were devoted to the advancement of science
I saw this as a major career advancement , and jumped at the opportunity.
The Estonian American community has established a number of institutions to promote advancement in scholarship and education.