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advanced / передовой, продвинутый, прогрессивный
имя прилагательное
advanced, forward, progressive, leading, foremost, innovative
progressive, advanced, forward, onward, accelerating, forward-looking
имя прилагательное
far on or ahead in development or progress.
negotiations are at an advanced stage
move forward, typically in a purposeful way.
the troops advanced on the capital
lend (money) to (someone).
the bank advanced them a loan
Many are already on the starting blocks, either in an advanced stage of research and development, or with their first commercial power stations already under construction.
The committee are at an advanced stage of purchase of four acres to develop this project.
The only conclusion is that the ring road is not at an advanced stage where land must be kept free of development.
After that, it is time for the advanced learners to progress to swimming laps around the pool.
The new Deel Rovers Community Sports Centre is in an advanced stage of its completion.
The move to Vincent Park was at an advanced stage and we went ahead, hoping that the licence would be a formality.
The company says talks on its new development at an advanced stage
A specialised machine that uses the latest in optical and high speed sensor technology to search for skeleton weed is in the advanced stages of development.
A number of wind projects are at an advanced stage of development while biomass projects are also being progressed.
Neither the doctor nor the family can be blamed because the management of patients with an advanced stage of a disease is not yet developed in our country.