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advance / продвижение, наступление, аванс
имя существительное
promotion, strides, advance, progress, advancement, progression
offensive, attack, advance, advent, offense, incursion
advance, prepayment, imprest, subsistence allowance, key money, interjacent payment
имя прилагательное
preliminary, advance, preparatory, introductory, anticipatory, interlocutory
early, advance, beforehand, forehand, forward, forehanded
promote, advance, push, push forward, further, carry forward
advance, push, get ahead, carry forward, rise, get along
tread, advance, attack, set in, come on, arrive
имя существительное
a forward movement.
the rebels' advance on Madrid was well under way
an amount of money paid before it is due or for work only partly completed.
the author was paid a $250,000 advance
an approach made to someone, typically with the aim of initiating a sexual encounter.
women accused him of making improper advances
move forward, typically in a purposeful way.
the troops advanced on the capital
lend (money) to (someone).
the bank advanced them a loan
имя прилагательное
done, sent, or supplied beforehand.
advance notice
He just sent me an advance copy of the second black and white Annual.
The telltale clink of tracks heralds the advance of a brigade combat team.
After the position was organized, he led an assault approximately 15 yards from the final objective, when enemy fire halted the advance .
The group has rejected any talk of a settlement for now despite calls for conciliatory gestures to advance the peace plan.
The advance on a book, except for a few hundred authors internationally, tends to be not very much.
As the farmers' loan repayment problems mounted, how were they to convince the banks to advance additional money to allow them buy more cattle and keep their farms working?
You might advance theories about lucky timing or mysterious audience chemistry, but Barnett modestly credits a more practical factor.
All very well if Telecom shares advance in the first week, as is, admittedly, widely expected.
She received a fair advance on the books - £250,000, people say.
If you receive a bonus payment, which is essentially an advance on your royalties, that will be separate property.