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adulteress / прелюбодейка, неверная жена
имя существительное
неверная жена
имя существительное
a female adulterer.
‘Strike the adulteress and the adulterer one hundred times’ may seem harsh but it is certainly not sexist.
After having lost another job - as a kitchen maid (I could be nothing as grand as a governess - not an adulteress like me!)
Some have suggested that it derives from a term (recorded in the Talmud) that means ‘curling women's hair,’ and is a reference to an adulteress .
As Stella, the 1950's bored wife, inattentive mother and unhinged adulteress at the center of this story, Ms. Richardson initially affects the vacant mien of cinema's classically oppressed women.
Armed with hidden cameras, wires and various neat little surveillance gadgets, Vince and his assistant Beth set out to gather damning evidence against the unsuspecting adulteress .
Eliza was an adulteress long before Gabriel had his affair with your mother.
Here was a wife who'd committed adultery, was an adulteress .
The young women Vera helps include an adulteress and a cocktail-slugging party girl.
Blake is particularly captivating, moving between sober housewife and mother, to girlish seductress and committed adulteress with believable veracity, consistently evoking sympathy.
The sheriff and two reporters show up; she has ensured that the story will be all over the papers, and that she and Roark, adulteress and convict, will be linked.
He plays Levin, the troubled noble whose story runs parallel to the adulteress of the title.