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adulterate / фальсифицировать, подмешивать, совершать прелюбодеяние
falsify, fake, adulterate, doctor, gerrymander, sophisticate
dash, adulterate, stretch, admix, alloy
совершать прелюбодеяние
commit adultery, adulterate
имя прилагательное
falsified, faked, adulterated, adulterate, faked-up, cooked-up
extramarital, illegitimate, bastard, natural, adulterate, unlawful
illegitimate, bastard, natural, baseborn, unfathered, adulterate
render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one.
the meat was ground fine and adulterated with potato flour
The intent of national organic legislation was to level the playing field, not tilt it further so imitators and adulterators could more easily cash in by defrauding the public.
But standard monitoring devices that measure the proper levels of those additives probably would quickly alert the plant to such adulteration .
The public perception is that it is wrong and that they do not agree with adulteration of the water supply to address a relatively small problem.
The law on food hygiene is also an old one and does not properly penalise the adulterators .
Africa also needs adequate regulatory supervision: formal mechanisms which ensure that drugs are not adulterated by the time they reach patients.
His grin widened, but it was adulterated with some apprehension.
The rice stored in their school for the noon meal scheme was found to be adulterated with fine iron particles, urea, bits of mortar and what not.
Some preparations are adulterated with phenylbutazone, ephedrine, aminopyrine or mandrake root.
The significant feature is that it is still the natural derivative of the plant, and, save exceptionally, it is not adulterated by the addition of any further substances.
The technique, which can detect adulteration and locational variation of active constituents of plant materials, has been patented in the U.S. and the European Union.