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adult / для взрослых, взрослый, совершеннолетний
имя прилагательное
для взрослых
adult, grown, big, marriageable, grown-up, full-grown
adult, major
имя существительное
взрослый человек
adult, grown-up
совершеннолетний человек
зрелый человек
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) fully grown or developed.
the adult inhabitants of the U.S
имя существительное
a person who is fully grown or developed.
children should be accompanied by an adult
adult experience
The sunglasses must not merely be chosen, they must be selected in a process at least as involved as that of an eighteen-year-old selecting his first adult film at the local video shop.
We also assessed the availability of products that could be used as educational or therapeutic products, such as adult magazines, books, and videos.
The association hoped to increase awareness of the lack of adult sex education and resources on the subject, Cheng said.
When it falls off naturally, the adult tooth grows into the gap.
There are many adult gamers that grew up with Nintendo and still want to connect with the company that they associated so strongly with video gaming in their youth.
It is assumed, in these contexts, that normal, fully developed adult human beings are responsible beings.
I can recall looking at the preserved reproductive tracts of several hundred Victorian foxes and noting that few adult , first-year animals had produced young.
It was a very great privilege to have been on such intimate terms with a wild creature, to have acted in loco parentis and watched him grow into a handsome adult bird.
A former marine from Detroit, he had wanted to be a policeman, but instead drifted into adult films in the mid-Nineties.