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adulation / лесть, низкопоклонство, подхалимство
имя существительное
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, taffy
adulation, cringing, sycophancy, obsequiousness, grovel, toad-eating
subservience, adulation
имя существительное
obsequious flattery; excessive admiration or praise.
he found it difficult to cope with the adulation of the fans
The complaint is against his ideology - a concern that last week's adulation and denigration chose to ignore.
In a fit of adulation I tell Sir John how much I enjoyed his work.
Neither, although his comics have brought him a certain degree of wide-eyed adulation , is he any kind of superhero.
I get a lot of appreciation and adulation for the kind of music I create.
There will be no trophy or congratulation, no hyperventilation or applause or adulation .
I mean on the one hand I'm sure he loves the glory, and he has to have this public adulation .
From being unsure about himself to coping with adulation , Sproule has raced forward in these last few weeks.
Musically this piece exists to excite gasps of admiration, if not downright adulation from the audience.
That is the only small price he has to pay for his unmatched adulation and unparalleled adoration from his countryman.
Collins took off on his lap of honour, deserving adulation for his run of 9.98 secs.