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adsorb / адсорбировать, поглощать, всасывать
absorb, swallow, devour, consume, adsorb, eat
suck, suck in, absorb, suck up, soak, adsorb
(of a solid) hold (molecules of a gas or liquid or solute) as a thin film on the outside surface or on internal surfaces within the material.
charcoal will not adsorb nitrates
charcoal will not adsorb nitrates
In nuclear reactors, control rods adsorb atomic particles and control the power of the reactor.
Very fine particles adsorb toxic gases and liquids onto their surfaces.
However, the addition of solid phosphate was not used in subsequent experiments in view of the tendency of flavonoids to adsorb onto solid surfaces.
This is because a certain number of molecules are needed to adsorb at the surface to affect the surface tension.
The pretreatment by transition metal cations helps to adsorb DNA on mica because it neutralizes the mica surface charge and then weakens the repulsive pressure.
The first model focuses on surfaces expanding as a result of adsorptive processes.
In the open atmosphere many solid materials are covered by a layer of molecules adsorbed from the gas.
AOX ( adsorbable organic halide) is a surrogate measure of the amount of chlorinated organic compounds in pulp and paper effluent discharge.
The catalyst adsorbs both the carbon compound and the hydrogen gas on its surface, in such a way that the molecules are arranged in just the right position for addition to occur.