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adrift / по течению, по воле волн, по воле случая
по течению
по воле волн
по воле случая
adrift, happy-go-lucky
имя прилагательное
плывущий по течению
имя прилагательное
(of a boat or its passengers) floating without being either moored or steered.
a cargo ship went adrift
The skipper and another person jumped into the water as someone cut the lines to the boat, setting it adrift in a 10-knot breeze.
The crew mutinied soon after leaving Tahiti, casting Bligh and 18 of the crew adrift in a small boat with little food and water.
The second boat then came adrift , floating down the river ablaze.
The crew had been cast adrift in a rubber boat Oct.29 and were not rescued until 11 days later.
Both are about a teenage boy adrift in a boat with a tiger after a shipwreck.
Indeed, the vendetta seems aimed at the community also, for it has seen a deer fence cut and boats set adrift .
In 1789, the first mate of the Bounty, Fletcher Christian, had cast Captain Bligh and 18 others adrift in an open boat.
Based on my previous experience, many customers are adrift .
We were adrift in the Atlantic, the boat moving only with the rocking of the waves and when the rare puff of wind blew through our sails.
Yet he cannot even run his own department; while the captain of the ship squabbles with his crew below deck, the vessel is adrift and rudderless.