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adrenalin / адреналин
имя существительное
adrenalin, adrenaline
Breathing becomes faster, blood pressure rises and adrenalin is released.
It is known that adrenalin is the hormone that frees fatty acids of the adipose tissues.
Vitamin C in the beans is crucial for a strong immune system and production of the stress hormone adrenalin .
It hardly stirs the blood into a frenzy of adrenalin and expectation.
A doctor came into the room and adrenalin flooded her system, and her heart rate went up.
The familiar rush of adrenalin filled Matt's body and he took a deep breath.
The reason for that is that adrenalin will smooth or relax the muscles in the lungs.
The adrenalin and lactic acid had dulled the senses and for a moment she'd forgotten who she was and what was happening.
This is due to the liberation of the hormone adrenaline at these times.
Chemicals such as adrenaline , noradrenaline and cortisol are pumped into the bloodstream.