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adore / обожать, поклоняться, преклоняться
adore, worship
worship, adore, idolize
bow, worship, adore
love and respect (someone) deeply.
he adored his mother
We love and adore Elizabeth, and she's doing very well right now.
For me, it's the chance to worship Mary and adore her as the Creator of Almighty God that is so appealing.
For your resurrection that sets us free, I worship and adore you.
We do better to adore the mysteries of Deity than to investigate them.
Being omnipresent, you are constantly watched by those who adore you, worship you and serve you.
This is why many of us when we come to India, have difficulty with the way Hindus adore Gods in the forms of statues.
Most Hindus revere and adore the many manifestations of the Divine as Siva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna or Durga even as they focus on an ishta devata, a favorite Deity.
Since his death, Eddie Cochran's popularity has spread beyond the fans who remember his hit records, but also to a new army of younger rock'n'roll fans who adore his music.
‘They want something to love and babies adore you,’ she said.
He's only 24 and throws the kind of bone-crushing punches that fans adore .