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adoration / обожание, поклонение, восхищение
имя существительное
adoration, idolatry, dotage, worshipping
worship, adoration, cult, idolatry
admiration, rapture, delight, adoration, applause, ravishment
имя существительное
deep love and respect.
he gave her a look of adoration
worship; veneration.
the Adoration of the Magi
Ali, however, remains an icon, a figure of adoration .
What really rubs him the wrong way is Lawson's puppy-dog adoration for the newcomer.
it was enough to earn him the adoration of the fans
He was revered like a movie idol, with an endless supply of adoration .
The goal of Hall's meditative practice is "an inward adoration of God".
For a long time I still had intense feelings of love and adoration for Tariq.
The Adoration Chapel in Swinford Church will re-open on Sunday August 25, with adoration from 2 to 6 p.m.
He looked down at her with absolute adoration in his eyes.
Most religions teach adoration of the supreme being in whose image all humanity was formed.
The more wine he drank the more obvious his adoration for her became.