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adorable / обожаемый, восхитительный, прелестный
имя прилагательное
adored, adorable, worshipped
delightful, delicious, lovely, adorable, delectable, admirable
charming, lovely, pretty, adorable, delectable, exquisite
имя прилагательное
inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.
she looked just adorable
For now, she's just a kitten, and one of the most adorable ones we've ever come across.
Shy, charming and adorable , she bounded over to hug Nandita Das as soon as the actor walked in.
The Steiffe range has adorable teddy bear motifs down the legs of the shorts, or the arms of tops and as a logo on T-shirts.
Gillian showed me just a small sample of the many adorable letters and pictures they receive from children each year.
In the afternoon I go to see the zebras and check on the two new foals which were born just a few days ago - they're adorable .
He's adorable , about two years old, part Maaori with a halo of light brown curls.
Lizzie was a most adorable and good person who possessed a caring and loving personality.
Not to worry - this adorable little guy is going to have no trouble finding fabulous new owners, I am sure.
There were dozens of cats around, one or two of which were absolutely adorable .
Well, for one thing, they are cute and adorable and are less active as compared to dogs.