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adoptive / приемный, усыновленный, легко усваивающий
имя прилагательное
adoptive, adopted, inspection
adopted, adoptive
легко усваивающий
имя прилагательное
as a result of the adoption of another's child.
adoptive parents
The contribution made by individual refugees to their adoptive homeland will also be explored, as will the experiences of refugees more recently.
She, however, has no idea when - or if - he'll be allowed to return to his adoptive country.
Most adoptive parents prefer a child between two and six months of age.
Sophie has maintained sporadic contact with her adoptive parents and siblings throughout the years.
At the 2000 Games, she won the silver medal for her adoptive country in the first women's Olympic pole vault.
Both died, leaving their brother to become an adoptive parent to their children.
Obviously it is easier on the child and adoptive parents if the child is adopted at an early age, but this is the real world, and older children are not easily placed.
She dwells on her charming manner, love of clothes, loyalty to her brother and, in later life, to her adoptive city.
There are far more potential adoptive parents than children available.
They include exemplary parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and grandparents.