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adopt / принимать, перенимать, усыновлять
accept, take, receive, adopt, assume, pass
adopt, take over, inherit, poach
adopt, affiliate, mother, father
legally take another's child and bring it up as one's own.
there are many people eager to adopt a baby
Perhaps the best method, however, in terms of being helpful to society in general is to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter.
A few astrologers have chosen to adopt a third method of division.
I just wish people thought about the responsibility of owning a pet before they decide to adopt a cute puppy.
Essex County Council has also agreed to adopt roads and is also subsidising a bus service.
Legally, they could then adopt children in Florida.
there are many people eager to adopt a baby
But just because you can legally adopt a child does not necessarily mean it is in the best interests of that child to be adopted by you.
we were keen to adopt
The committee unanimously voted to adopt the report and take the first steps towards implementing some of the suggestions.
Of this number, half of the families adopt healthy infants.