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adobe / саман, необожженный кирпич, сырец
имя существительное
adobe, airbrick
необожженный кирпич
adobe, raw brick, grizzle
имя существительное
a kind of clay used as a building material, typically in the form of sun-dried bricks.
adobe houses
Stucco over adobe and rock are common materials.
Prehistoric tribes experimented with the first sun-dried bricks or adobe , mixing mud with straw into manageable building blocks.
Barry and Letty Coleman's Tucson adobe successfully combines traditional building materials and modern design.
The wrap begins with a dry brush massage before a layer of adobe clay is applied to the entire body.
Most notably, the Pueblo Indians in the Southwest used adobe masonry to moderate weather extremes and keep their homes comfortable.
The earthen plaster-covered adobe walls are thick enough to include built-in book-shelves, creating a small library alcove behind the kitchen.
It consists of flat-roofed adobe buildings, portions of which are thought to be among the oldest structures in North America.
Southwestern style homes favor stucco or adobe exteriors and orange or red tile roofs.
He walked into the adobe , where a small fire was burning under a skillet of food.
They moved silently to the edge of the camp, then slowly made their way behind several mud and adobe buildings.