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admonish / наставлять, увещевать, убеждать
edify, admonish, tutor, monitor, catechize
exhort, admonish, remonstrate, coax, expostulate
urge, assure, convince, persuade, exhort, admonish
warn or reprimand someone firmly.
she admonished me for appearing at breakfast unshaven
When they reached the Squad's room, they all turned to either glare at or admonish Vi.
When Stephen King won the National Book Award he used the opportunity to admonish critics for not reading more John Grisham.
It is important that you don't chastise or admonish yourself for your feelings.
His admonishments were drowned by the buzzer of my alarm clock.
The girl pushed them away, and Gwen admonished her to eat.
He claims to be a compassionate, caring man, often admonishing people to ‘love your neighbor like you would love to be loved yourself.’
Each of the moral rules admonishes us to avoid causing a harm…
Violence is an increasing problem in schools; one victim was headbutted after admonishing a pupil and needed stitches.
The traditional critical admonishment to distinguish between a writer and his or her work is discarded.
In addition, clients are admonished to drink at least two quarts of water each day to help cleanse the body of toxins associated with weight loss and exercise.