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admixture / примесь, примешивание, смешивание
имя существительное
impurity, admixture, addition, additive, touch, dash
mixing, mix, mixture, admixture, immixture
имя существительное
a mixture.
he felt that his work was an admixture of aggression and creativity
To be saved, it must be admired, but uncorrupted by modern admixture . ‘Museums have to persuade indigenous people to exhibit their culture without amalgamating it into the Western tradition.’
During a southern speaking tour I was able to set aside a few days to explore the New Orleans museums, shops, temples, and tombs that relate to this distinctive admixture of religion and magic, commerce and controversy.
The results also indicate a low level of admixture (intermarriage, conversion etc.) into the gene pool of these various Jewish communities.
By employing a simple population genetics model, we explore the effects and the conditions of population admixture in masking, changing, or even reversing true genetic effects of genes underlying complex traits.
he felt that his work was an admixture of aggression and creativity
This difference might be taken to indicate that less admixture has occurred in Virginia, yet the genetic analysis revealed comparably high levels of hybridization.
However, preliminary genetic analyses showed offspring admixture was probably caused by apicultural drift (beekeepers' term for the change of hive or colony).
Given recent fossil evidence, Africa may have provided the greatest opportunity for admixture between archaic subpopulations of Homo, simply because Africa harbored the highest levels of diversity.
An admixture of ceramic and mineral oxides are fashioned into the internal lining of attire for day-to-day usage, explains Dr. Jose.
Performance mixes include the addition of fly ash and a water-reducing admixture .