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admittedly / по общему признанию, предположительно, по общему согласию
по общему признанию
admittedly, confessedly, allowedly
presumably, supposedly, conceivably, admittedly, assumedly, supposably
по общему согласию
used to introduce a concession or recognition that something is true or is the case.
admittedly, the salary was not wonderful, but the duties were light
In my judgement, admittedly from a very narrow perspective, it is anger which is the predominant emotion.
He is admittedly a visual genius, but he was often accused of fetishising violence in his films.
I've never cried when I got the push, which admittedly happened only the once.
So does he now regret what was an admittedly misguided, but initially private, prank between friends?
This, admittedly , gives one a splendid insight into the more mysterious workings of the human mind.
It's only a hobby - admittedly one that pays for itself - but it is a great reminder.
I've only been once before, admittedly , but it doesn't strike me as particularly rough.
I retain a certain fondness for him that is admittedly entirely unwarranted.
this is admittedly an extreme case
Bringing a genuinely unique sound to an admittedly tired genre is worth celebrating.