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admittance / допуск, вход, доступ
имя существительное
tolerance, admittance, allowance, limit, right of entrance, recourse
entry, entrance, inlet, login, admission, admittance
access, approach, entrance, admission, admittance, accession
имя существительное
the process or fact of entering or being allowed to enter a place or institution.
people were unable to gain admittance to the hall
a measure of electrical conduction, numerically equal to the reciprocal of the impedance.
A simple elastic model was then used to calculate theoretical admittance for different elastic thicknesses.
The German shepherd is, at heart, a friendly dog, but it will always want to make sure strangers have a right to enter its home before admittance is granted.
The guy was nice and let us stay, but he said that others might ask me for two coupons to allow both of us admittance .
The door opened with a rusty squeak and Tawnie was allowed admittance .
A moment later he heard his mother gain admittance and then the lock click once more.
He goes to great lengths, for example, to describe his admittance into Hampton Institute in Virginia in 1872 as the result of his ability to clean and dust a classroom.
The doors began to swing open, allowing Suzaku admittance .
In order to gain admittance into the Milliken or Fairchild Libraries after hours, a student or faculty member must scan their personally assigned access card.
When RSPCA inspectors and Council dog wardens called last December, they were refused admittance by the mother who said that one of the dogs would bite them.
In 1993 I was able to gain admittance to the Literature Department of the film academy.
Signs alerted hikers that no admittance was allowed without a permit.