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admit / признавать, допускать, принимать
confess, accept, recognize, admit, acknowledge, concede
admit, allow, assume, suppose, concede, permit
accept, take, receive, adopt, assume, admit
confess to be true or to be the case, typically with reluctance.
the office finally admitted that several prisoners had been injured
allow (someone) to enter a place.
senior citizens are admitted free to the museum
allow the possibility of.
the need to inform him was too urgent to admit of further delay
There is a cover charge for this event, a single ticket costs 5 and 10 will admit an entire family.
He undertook his mission of preaching against the heresy with relish but was soon forced to admit failure.
Special family tickets are also available and 20 will admit two adults and two children.
The cause of the standoff was ASEAN's decision to admit Myanmar to the group three years ago.
they need to admit new members
after searching for an hour, she finally had to admit defeat
His refusal to admit failure was breathtaking.
If, or when, the technique is widely accepted, a judge may have to decide whether to admit test results as evidence.
after searching for an hour, she finally had to admit defeat
In my view, refusing to admit this evidence does not amount to ‘taking a technical position’.