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admission / вход, признание, принятие
имя существительное
entry, entrance, inlet, login, admission, door
confession, recognition, acknowledgment, admission, acceptance, avowal
adoption, acceptance, admission, reception, initiation, recipiency
имя прилагательное
opening, entrance, introductory, admission, inaugural, prefatory
inlet, intake, admission
имя существительное
a statement acknowledging the truth of something.
an admission of guilt
the process or fact of entering or being allowed to enter a place, organization, or institution.
I had some difficulty securing admission to the embassy
One strength of the study is its concern with visitors, and the admission that in many ways we know little about how and why visitors react to displays.
No doubt there are some very good arguments to be had about the need to reform the exam system, and the process of university admission .
In the event admission to hospital is required and that has to be arranged before proceeding to the next visit.
a tacit admission that things had gone wrong
Judges praises its hands on science gallery and also the decision to scrap admission charges, with the help of the government.
By his own admission that's one of his best qualities: to bring out the best in players who are maybe not as good as some in other teams.
the country's admission to the UN
an admission of guilt
The nurse explains hospital admission routines and the process of being prepared for surgery.
He and his companion were taken through the whole admission process.