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admissible / допустимый, приемлемый, могущий быть принятым
имя прилагательное
permissible, admissible, allowable, acceptable, reasonable, affordable
acceptable, reasonable, admissible, satisfactory, agreeable, respectable
могущий быть принятым
имя прилагательное
acceptable or valid, especially as evidence in a court of law.
the Court unanimously held that the hearsay was admissible
having the right to be admitted to a place.
foreigners were admissible only as temporary workers
All academic documents show the student admissible except for language proficiency.
The rules of the commission provided more room to maneuver and allowed for a broader range of admissible evidence.
They enable the court to control the evidence by excluding evidence otherwise admissible and limiting cross-examination.
There is no merit in this claim of deficiency, on the evidence properly admissible before me.
Further the opinion evidence now tendered relies upon factual statements which are still not supported by any admissible evidence.
The court was left with no admissible evidence on this point.
Whether such a statement is admissible as evidence is a matter for the courts to decide.
His qualifications were called into question, but I accept he had admissible evidence to give.
I doubt very much that such evidence would be admissible in an Australian court.
This information will be admissible as evidence in the court of law.