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admirer / поклонник, обожатель, ухажер
имя существительное
fan, admirer, suitor, lover, aficionado, follower
admirer, adorer, swain, idolater
admirer, fellow, follower
имя существительное
someone who has a particular regard for someone or something.
he was a great admirer of Mark Twain
Angel has been getting emails from an unknown guy who claims he is her secret admirer .
he was a great admirer of Mark Twain
Then one day Nichole found a note in her locker from a secret admirer .
Shastri was both a disciple of Gandhi and an admirer of Nehru, but he was also his own man.
She wanted to see if she had gotten another e-mail from her secret admirer .
The bottom line is this: My father has a secret admirer , and my mother doesn't like it one bit.
It was a nice gesture and it makes me wonder if I have a secret admirer .
Could she have been wrong about Kip being her secret admirer the whole time?
He was also an admirer of Joyce and a financial supporter for an aging Ezra Pound.
she's got a secret admirer