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admire / восхищаться, любоваться, восторгаться
admire, marvel, delight
admire, hero-worship
regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval.
I admire your courage
I admire your courage
The off-white walls didn't come off as much to admire , but for some reason Josie adored them.
How can people stop to admire our beautiful Lake District and then spoil it by leaving their litter?
The Soules are hoping Lydia comes to admire the garden for herself this weekend.
I admire your courage
The airborne action is less fluid than the rest, but at least you get to admire the impressive scenery.
I admire and respect them both, and they seem nice guys, but boring and bland.
It is good for men to respect and admire them, without expecting favours or punishments from them.
Instead he's had to content himself with knowing that writers he respects admire his work.
Soon the Ngaere Gardens were being admired by visitors who came from far and wide.