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admiration / восхищение, восторг, преклонение
имя существительное
admiration, rapture, delight, adoration, applause, ravishment
delight, enthusiasm, rapture, admiration, elation, exaltation
worship, admiration
имя существительное
respect and warm approval.
their admiration for each other was genuine
And I have nothing but complete love, and respect and admiration for the whole family.
All of the people I came in contact with were amazing in their own way and I have much respect and admiration for them.
That said, we all have a great deal of respect and admiration for them - as they are at the moment the best women's players in the world.
Her fashion creation won the admiration of a group of international judges who had to pick winners from a total of 400 entries.
But we also have hope: that we can be worthy of the occasional admiration we have enjoyed in the past.
He expects and receives the admiration of his family and everyone else.
She says my goals and aspirations inspire her, and frankly, I want to be worthy of her admiration .
While I had the highest respect and admiration for him, I had no idea at the time how precious were his virtues.
Nevertheless his finest works are among the most significant of their time and remain capable of giving pleasure and evoking admiration .
I have tremendous respect and admiration for the firefighters that are working here day and night on this fire.