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admiral / адмирал, флагманский корабль
имя существительное
admiral, flag officer
флагманский корабль
flagship, admiral, flag
имя существительное
a commander of a fleet or naval squadron, or a naval officer of very high rank.
In 1914 Beatty was one of the youngest admirals in the Royal Navy, and, as commander of the battle-cruiser squadron of the Grand Fleet, held one of the navy's most prestigious appointments.
a butterfly that has dark wings with bold colorful markings.
If you live near a park or wooded area, it may provide habitat for Mourning Cloaks, admirals , and tiger swallowtails, who will foray into your yard for nectar.
Another butterfly that is rarely seen is white admiral , a beautiful butterfly that spends a lot of time feeding on honeydew at the tops of trees.
It was as if he was planning his next move, with the subtlety and care of an admiral commanding a fleet of warships.
To copy correspondence, an admiral commanding an entire fleet might have two or three clerks, an aide/flag lieutenant, and occasionally a supply officer.
Ben-Hur is sentenced to the galleys, but saves the life of the admiral of the Roman fleet, Quintus Arrius, when their ship sinks in battle.
With the promotion of Grand Admiral Xeraux, he was now the admiral of the entire fleet.
Gravely was the first Black to become an admiral and command a major naval fleet in the 1960s.
When I went to speak to the admiral who sailed the fleet over, he asked me where I hailed from.
To this end, each morning, the admiral in command of Second Fleet requires an operational brief, known as the Commander's Update.
Captain, the admiral of the main fleet has contacted us and requests to speak with you.
Named after the admiral of the fleet, it was inevitable it would have a naval theme.