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administrator / администратор, управляющий, должностное лицо
имя существительное
administrator, manager, executive
manager, administrator, managing director, steward, superintendent, banian
должностное лицо
official, officer, executive, functionary, administrator, placeman
имя существительное
a person responsible for running a business, organization, etc..
She noted that institution administrators are responsible for ensuring evacuation and other safety measures.
Yesterday she spoke with Health Minister Damian Greaves who directed her to the hospital administrator .
If there's no will in place then there's a process for appointing an administrator, and the administrator takes over.
An administrator - a licensed insolvency practitioner - is appointed to run the club.
Last year his widow sought a High Court order making her administrator of his estate to allow her to collect any cash.
However, the administrator responsible for filing the incident sheets was on extended sick leave.
I lived in the hospital accommodation while I was there, and every morning I would go down to breakfast and the hospital administrator would be there.
By day she juggles motherhood with her job as an administrator at Chippenham Hospital.
His wife Tracey, 42, a hospital administrator , speaks to him most mornings by telephone.
A female administrator at Queen Mary Hospital was excused by the defense because she was acquainted with some of the witnesses.
Nobody has any statutory power to appoint an executor or administrator of a will, except a testator, sir.