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administrate / управлять, контролировать, вести дела
control, manage, run, drive, operate, administrate
control, monitor, check, regulate, have control over, administrate
вести дела
administer, guide, administrate
Why spend more on those who manage and administrate art, than on those who create it?
There would have to be a ‘governing body’, of course, to administrate national concerns, but that governing body would be responsible only for the police, defence force and justice system.
Both associations draw playing resources from the same pool but administrate separately, fundraise separately and arrange fixtures independently.
There can be no economic revolution without significant and fundamental change in the manner in which we administrate and manage our daily affairs and our social relations.
Hutton is a trustee of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club charitable trust and works with the Sir Len Hutton Foundation raising funds to administrate a scheme to help youngsters enjoy their cricket.
This organisation will administrate all public hospitals and State healthcare facilities in central and south western Sydney, including Balmain and Rozelle hospitals.
The day to day tasks of this role will be to create, qualify, progress, administrate and distribute business opportunities. also to work closely with major customers exchanging information.
In a series of recent media statements, Kabil said a payment agency, or a mega national body to administrate domestic and EU aid for agriculture and rural development, forestry and fisheries, would be established by mid-2006.
We will soon be commencing upon a document addressing how organizations should administrate their tandem programs.
This more flexible approach to working is adopted in several nations, where teachers teach, administrators administrate , and pastoral workers deal with discipline and the anti-social behaviour of students.