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administer / управлять, назначать, давать
control, manage, run, drive, operate, administer
assign, appoint, nominate, set, administer, allocate
give, let, afford, provide, produce, administer
manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.).
each school was administered separately
dispense or apply (a remedy or drug).
paramedic crews are capable of administering drugs
give help or service.
we must selflessly administer to his needs
A green light flashed over the small inner hatch and the door swung open as Terry Reeve and a makeshift team of medics stormed in and began to administer to the wounded.
Both employ a vast staff of menials to administer to their favourites.
Attorney Generals admitted it had not even asked the States - which make and administer the criminal law - for their views on possible gaps.
Who will administer the department's business?
Land boards, composed of elected and appointed members, administer the allocation of tribal land.
And if players are unwilling to take responsibility for naming names then they can hardly complain about those who attempt to administer the laws.
a federal agency would administer new regulations
Three-quarters of the teachers could not pass the exams they administer to their students.
Thailand's beloved elephants need health care and skilled people to administer to the animals.
In his zeal to accumulate wealth, Mahmud neglected to administer to the lands he had conquered.