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admin / администрация, управление, прием
имя существительное
administration, management, admin
control, management, administration, governance, operation, admin
reception, acceptance, method, appointment, device, admin
имя существительное
the administration of a business, organization, etc..
admin staff
Thursday morning is devoted to admin , and the afternoon to a general surgery session.
They break us up into five groups of ten between management, admin staff and players.
So I'm presently in the midst of a four-day stint of life admin between bouts of travel.
At its peak, the firm employed 100 people but now only has two admin staff.
The way he spoke to messengers, admin staff and catering staff was a revelation.
admin staff
Employers can see she's a bright girl so she gets a job doing admin for a shipping company.
I don't mind doing all of my database admin from a command line; I just prefer not to.
day-to-day admin
From admin staff to mechanics, Mr Arnold is hoping to find people with a love of the sport.