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adman / рекламный агент, специалист по рекламе
имя существительное
рекламный агент
специалист по рекламе
имя существительное
a person who works in advertising.
Mother has opened an office in the US during the new year and four of America's top admen , including a former head of advertising for Nike, have joined the team.
A bon vivant who piloted his own plane and hosted the Dutch royal family aboard his yacht, Something Cool, Freddy had an adman 's pizzazz.
My Dad, an adman in the sixties, was a terrific fan of game shows (although I'm sure he never watched one).
As the legendary adman James Webb Young said: ‘What we are has a way of shining through, whatever we say or do.’
People didn't need an adman to tell them what they needed.
Jack Trout, coauthor of the book Positioning and Marketing Warfare, dedicates his latest work, Differentiate or Die, to the legendary adman Rosser Reeves.
She was brought up in Michigan where her grandfather was an adman for General Motors and her father's sideline was boxing promotion.
Owen plays Charles Schine, an unhappy adman whose sleek boss has just removed him from his most lucrative account.
‘Products are made in the factory,’ one adman says, ‘but brands are made in the mind.’
Later, through sheer coincidence, the adman falls for the victim's widow.
As the admen say, never confuse the thing being sold for the thing itself.